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Performance Management- The Five Point Plan

Performance Management- The Five Point Plan

It is always difficult to have meaningful conversations with employees when feeding back that performance needs to improve. This gets harder if your staff member has a really emotional reaction to what you are saying and you can easily lose your train of thought.

I have always used the following as both a great way to prepare for such conversations and as a short hand method of remembering what I need to say:

  • What is the problem? You need to let the employee know what this is about and try to give really specific examples of what has been going wrong
  • What is the solution? You need to agree what success will look like as your views on this might differ from theirs – you need a shared vision of what ‘good’ is going to look like.
  • How long has the person got to sort things out? Make this reasonable – lateness might be a quick fix but getting better at running projects might need training and mentoring so this will take longer to resolve
  • Is there anything else going on that we should know about? This might be a health or personal problem. The employee doesn’t have to tell you if they don’t want to but you then can’t take it into account as a reason for poorer performance
  • What are the consequences if we don’t sort this out? Immediately, this might be moving onto the formal stages of performance management. It might lead to lack of promotion. Worst case scenario, they might risk their job if things don’t get better

Try this out next time you need to have that difficult chat – it really works!

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